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Jan 02: 06:47
Happy New Year!

Jan 01: 15:43
Happy New Year everyone!

Dec 27: 00:55
Merry Christmas!

Dec 24: 21:32
Merry Christmas guys!

Nov 27: 12:30
I think you can join every race apart from the events which take place at the Rockingham track.

To join you just have to join the server on time. You can find the password for the server below this chatbox.

Good luck!

Nov 23: 14:03
Hi, I am new here, and I have some questions.
Which near races are for S2 licence and how to join them?

Nov 20: 18:45
The password is below this chatbox. It is 'practice'.

Nov 20: 18:33
when is it gonna be posted?

Nov 20: 18:25

Nov 20: 18:13
yeah under chatbox

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Author Post
Tue Mar 31 2009, 10:02am
Registered Member #162
Joined: Thu Aug 28 2008, 06:11pm
Posts: 606
I am re-opening this successful and nice thread which dutchshogun started year ago.
Sadly all info here is gone
Maybe we should introduce here again

I am Michal, 21, from SVK.. racing with G25.. always full manual. (except formulas where is autoclutch) Fav car: RAC.. teaches you so much in a few laps..

edited: 20 -> 21 Lool I was 21 even when I was posting original message

[ Edited Sun Nov 01 2009, 10:06am ]
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Tue Mar 31 2009, 10:19am

Registered Member #174
Joined: Thu Sep 04 2008, 02:58pm
Posts: 386

I am Riel, 27 years now, thougt about finding a new hobby for spending some hours, and saved some money last year to get myself a nice setup So now I am playing with this set

I am from the South of the Netherlands btw. In real life I run a "one man" company, devoping educational material for schools, companies and whoever needs it, aimed to the youth from 8-20 years, in the 'scientific' sector. Mostly aimed to trigger people of actually choose to study in a 'béta' sector once getting older

My favorite car would be the XRR. It just kicks ass

[ Edited Tue Mar 31 2009, 12:44pm ]
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Tue Mar 31 2009, 10:45am
Registered Member #212
Joined: Wed Oct 22 2008, 09:01am
Posts: 48

I am Dave, 31, live in the UK and work as an electical engineer. Have two small children, one of which is already staring to beat me at racing games, the yongest just likes sounding the horn, so appologies if its going off as you pass me

Wish I had a decent setup, but stuck on a dinning room chair, with a hand me down Logitech Wingman Formula Force, and a unstable desk! (normally stacked up with paperwork and toys). Those closed races seem oh so long on a hard chair

Been racing LFS for about 6 months, Still learning cars and tracks so haven't got a favorite, but its deffinetly not the RAC
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///M Power
Tue Mar 31 2009, 10:56am
I am Dimitar , live in Bulgara , i am 24 years old , still study in university (last year , maybe ) , i am still learning LFS , i have buy LFS beforer 3 months , i use Speed Link wheel ( i will upgrade it soon i hope) , i work with my mother in our family business , we are consultants in civil engineering...i dont have any favorite car or track
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Tue Mar 31 2009, 12:04pm

Registered Member #32
Joined: Wed Mar 19 2008, 08:44pm
Location: Twello
Posts: 62
Well, i am Postal (lfs-name is nickname42 btw). I am eeehhhhh ….ohyeah.. 32 years old, father of a 8 month old boy. I have a sales job at a factory in environmental equipment in Holland.
I have been racing motorcycles in the last eight years. Now i only have my streetbike left, but then again more time to play LFS.
Got the demo back in ’05, but random racing just didn’t do it for me. Later on decided to give the full-on game a go and started here with AB racing and never left. (sorry…)
I run LFS on a 7 year old desktop PC (little bit tweaked though) with a Logitec FormulaForce Wheel. Of course in cocpitview mode! Favorite car/track = LX6 & FernBay
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Tue Mar 31 2009, 02:07pm
Head League Admin

Registered Member #3
Joined: Wed Feb 20 2008, 12:09pm
Location: Sittard [NL]
Posts: 646
Hello, i am Starbert. I happen to be the founder of this fine league. I am eeeh 40 years old, live in the south of the Netherlands (Limburg), have a nice wife and two small kids. (5 & 6 years old). My job is electrical engineer.

Me and my brother Hans bought the S2 license 1,5 year ago. I decided to start a small league, just to race against my brother en maybe some other drivers. Just for fun, we called it "absolute-beginners" and of course we ourselves were also beginners. I couldn't have imagined it would be booming like it was after just a few months. I hope i can improve a bit on my driving, still a bit slow.

Thank you all!!

[ Edited Tue Mar 31 2009, 02:08pm ]
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Tue Mar 31 2009, 02:22pm

Registered Member #58
Joined: Wed Apr 23 2008, 02:40pm
Posts: 498
Hi.....guess I should take a turn too.

I'm Weefelly (lfs-name is thesloth), live in Scotland and work for a large media company looking after our broadband network upgrades. Witk DK-77, I am part of the all-conquering UK-Beginners LFS team . Been racing on LFS for a year and a bit...joined the AB leagues after a brief (and unsuccessful) attempt at the OLFS League.

I'm racing with a g25 racing wheel (which is fantastic) attached to an IKEA computer desk (which is slowly being shaken to pieces by the g25 ).

As soon as I find a combo where I can be faster than Mazda then I will declare that as my favorite car and track.....until then......well I'm still waiting :$.
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Tue Mar 31 2009, 03:38pm
Registered Member #213
Joined: Wed Oct 22 2008, 12:20pm
Location: Co. Donegal, Ireland
Posts: 74
I'll chime in here too

I'm Declan, 40 from NW corner of Ireland.
I'm married & we have 2 boys, 5 & 7.
I design toroidal transformers for a living. (No not "transformers" the toys )

I have a G25 & a 22" lcd sitting on a desk I made from a sheet of blockboard

My hobby is fiddling with cars and computers, mostly maintenance.
I currently have a 1990 Mercedes 190E, a 1983 VW Golf GTI MK1, (God damned VW electrics drive me mad) and my pride & joy : a 1975 Porsche 911 2.7 Coupe, in black.

I played LFS a long time ago, then didnt play at all about a year or more, playing GTR, GTL, rFcator, etc and when I started LFS again I found Absolute Beginners, so that sounded just perfect for me. Been here since.

I don't really have a favourite combo.

I'm not that fast, but at least I'm fair

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Tue Mar 31 2009, 04:54pm

Registered Member #89
Joined: Sun Jun 01 2008, 09:58am
Posts: 2637
I don't think I have ever introduced myself here, so here I go:

I am Rob from the Netherlands, 24 years old. Mazdarati in LFS because I own a Mazda and one day I would like to have a Maserati In real life I am a Quality Assurance manager in the food business.

I started with LFS somewhere in 2007. Have been playing the demo version forever. Found the Absolute Beginners league by accident and started in the Demo League (yes, back then there actually was one at AB ) I was really getting jealous at the 'S2-drivers' who went to drive in the S2 League after the demo races, so I bought my license to join them.

Favourite track: don't know really, I think the larger Aston Tracks.

Favourite car: FZR, FBM, FOX, FO8, RB4, MRT, and some others...

weefelly wrote ...

As soon as I find a combo where I can be faster than Mazda then I will declare that as my favorite car and track.....until then......well I'm still waiting :$.

Hmm, what about LX6 at Aston Club, TBO's at South City Chicane... You really got me there last season!
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Tue Mar 31 2009, 07:51pm
My name's Tyler (Ty in-game). I'm one of the younger souls here, at only 16 years old. I live in the United States, in Michigan. I'm also one of the newest members of the AB league, only having 4 races (at this time) under my belt. My real life job (outside of school, where I'm a high school sophomore) is a part time oil change technician.

My favorite combo... I can't really say, but I do have quite a bit of oval experience in the F08. I also like GTR's at AS6.

I think that's about it.
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