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Jan 02: 06:47
Happy New Year!

Jan 01: 15:43
Happy New Year everyone!

Dec 27: 00:55
Merry Christmas!

Dec 24: 21:32
Merry Christmas guys!

Nov 27: 12:30
I think you can join every race apart from the events which take place at the Rockingham track.

To join you just have to join the server on time. You can find the password for the server below this chatbox.

Good luck!

Nov 23: 14:03
Hi, I am new here, and I have some questions.
Which near races are for S2 licence and how to join them?

Nov 20: 18:45
The password is below this chatbox. It is 'practice'.

Nov 20: 18:33
when is it gonna be posted?

Nov 20: 18:25

Nov 20: 18:13
yeah under chatbox

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Sun Apr 10 2016, 10:12am
Registered Member #1938
Joined: Sun Apr 10 2016, 10:02am
Posts: 22

I signed up here today. My history with LFS began at 2009 when I played some months (demo/s1/s2) then uninstalled game because i was too dependent on it . Last november I reinstalled the game after ca. five years. Currently I have also S3 license and my favorite S3 track is the oval.

My driving skills are not professional, that means I can do best challenges with XFG on Blackwood (PB 1:34:2). Currently I race with keyboard and rollermouse that means my gas control is on/off style.

About racing I think that it must be fun. Victory is not the most important thing, but fair racing and having fun is. My nickname in LFS is 9397 that does not mean anything, just numbers. My car skins contains just hearts that does not mean I am female. I just want bring soft energy in car racing

LFS is the only racing simulator and only pc game I play. In the past I played quite lot Granturismo 1 & 2 with playstation.

I signed up here because I am interested about tonights event at South City. (I have to find out does it need any registration or smthing - hmm I would like to see here a page "how to join events" or something, for new members)

Thank you.

[ Edited Sun Apr 10 2016, 10:17am ]
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Sun Apr 10 2016, 12:17pm
Registered Member #1574
Joined: Sun Dec 02 2012, 03:04pm
Posts: 371
You only need to register an account like you already have. If you look on the right hand side under the chat box, there is the password for the s3 league server. The server address is there and you can also click join and get taken straight to the server. When you get there it will ask you to put a class. So put /4 at the end of your driver name.

You can log on to the server any time in the week to practice the next combo with others, just use the "practice" password.

That's all I can think of, see you this evening
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Fri Apr 15 2016, 06:17pm

Registered Member #595
Joined: Sat Jan 09 2010, 10:48am
Posts: 869
Last race you left after qualification. If it was because of laptimes do not worry, gets quicker over time. With wheel it is easier/faster, but if you can drive with mouse that is okay too.
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Fri Apr 15 2016, 07:05pm
Registered Member #1938
Joined: Sun Apr 10 2016, 10:02am
Posts: 22
Yes, it looked like I was the only absolute beginner
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Sat Apr 16 2016, 04:59am

Registered Member #1649
Joined: Thu Aug 29 2013, 09:28pm
Posts: 136
Hello and welcome lucaf, you should not worry about that at all. I remember being lapped every race at least once in my first seasons. It all comes together after some time.
If you are looking for a wheel you could look out for a used Driving Force GT or a T150. My DFGT is still works perfectly after 3 years. It really helps with controlling everything which is not a low powered front wheel driven car.

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Sat Apr 16 2016, 06:47am
Registered Member #1938
Joined: Sun Apr 10 2016, 10:02am
Posts: 22
Thank you for taking care. Honestly I was thinking that I am joining a league where people are at about same level with me (because of the name). Currently my intention in LFS is just some fun racing occasionally, with simple equipment (keyboard & mouse). Have a nice race tomorrow! If I am online, I may join (still have the need to experience longer races than 5-6 laps )
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