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Jan 02: 06:47
Happy New Year!

Jan 01: 15:43
Happy New Year everyone!

Dec 27: 00:55
Merry Christmas!

Dec 24: 21:32
Merry Christmas guys!

Nov 27: 12:30
I think you can join every race apart from the events which take place at the Rockingham track.

To join you just have to join the server on time. You can find the password for the server below this chatbox.

Good luck!

Nov 23: 14:03
Hi, I am new here, and I have some questions.
Which near races are for S2 licence and how to join them?

Nov 20: 18:45
The password is below this chatbox. It is 'practice'.

Nov 20: 18:33
when is it gonna be posted?

Nov 20: 18:25

Nov 20: 18:13
yeah under chatbox

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Vintage Cup schedule and rules
Moderators: winDOS, Starbert, Mazdarati, Yisc[NL], Riel, weefelly, postal, Black13, Ponty, Gutholz, Aeropunk, youliftyoulose, Mondbrot
Author Post
Tue Jul 26 2022, 07:01pm

Registered Member #89
Joined: Sun Jun 01 2008, 09:58am
Posts: 2637
The Vintage Cup season will consist of 10 different tracks. Every other week a new event will be organized and all races will be approximately 60 minutes in length:

For this season every participant can choose one of the following vintage cars to drive:

Every car has its own positive and negative characteristics. For balancing reasons ballast has and/or air-restrictors have been added to some cars:

The restrictions mentioned in the table below must be adhered to at every moment of every official session (qualy and race). Failure to do so will result in a disqualification from that session.

A driver can only use 1 car through the 10 events, so choose wisely! If, for some reason, a participant changes the car at some point through the season, he will lose all the previously gained points. Only if a car becomes unavailable (because the mod creator deleted it) a participant can change the car without a penalty.

Final notes:
- Please select 'Include tweak mods' in the mod section to be able to select the Microquattro car.
- If the characteristics of a car which affects the performance is changed by the mod creator, we are free to rebalance the performance of that car by adding/removing ballast and/or increasing/decreasing the size of the air restrictor.
- Slick tyres are available to some cars. Slick tires are not allowed to be used during any official session however!
- Qualification will be 20 minutes open session (shift+S and shift+P are allowed).
- There will be 1 mandatory pitstop every race, which can be served at any time except the final lap. No pitwork is required during the mandatory stop.

[ Edited Sat Sep 03 2022, 11:47am ]
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Wed Aug 31 2022, 11:45am
Registered Member #1896
Joined: Fri Sep 25 2015, 12:20am
Posts: 29

the restrictions for z30 seem to be off, maybe as a consequence of update.

3% for 193bhp and 166kg for 1227 weight seem to be the correct figures.
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Fri Sep 02 2022, 06:48pm

Registered Member #89
Joined: Sun Jun 01 2008, 09:58am
Posts: 2637
Sorry for the late reply, I was away from home this week.

The specifications for the Z-30 have changed massively. Power to weight ratio is one thing, but the rear tyre size has decreased quite a lot as well which will affect the handling. I will do some testing this weekend for new restriction/ballast figures.

Thanks for the heads up!

[ Edited Fri Sep 02 2022, 06:49pm ]
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Sat Sep 03 2022, 11:48am

Registered Member #89
Joined: Sun Jun 01 2008, 09:58am
Posts: 2637
I have tested your suggested restrictions for the Z-30 and I think they are okay. I have updated the table in the opening post.
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Thu Jan 12 2023, 05:18pm

Registered Member #89
Joined: Sun Jun 01 2008, 09:58am
Posts: 2637
It seems like the Z-30 has disappeared. Therefore, anyone that has been using the Z-30 so far this season can change to another car once without penalties.
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